Hello, we’re ROK..

…and we’re huge enthusiasts for making coffee a rewarding experience, and for supporting your personal coffee journey - leaving instant far behind, exploring fresh grind, craft roasts and heading for that so-called ‘God-shot’. It’s a great feeling to pull your own espresso or manually grind your beans, intimate and full of sensations, leading to a great taste. We’re not keen on short-lived electric pumps, motors and single use pods, that get between you and the coffee, and which leave the planet worse-off.

ROK creator Patrick in BBC show

Patrick, our founder and CEO, is a career product designer with a passion for coffee, sustainability and mechanics, and the ROK espresso maker was born inside his design agency, Therefore Design in London. Read his interview here. We’ve outgrown that illustrious start, but retained all the passion for, and expertise in, iconic design that delivers performance as he drives an ever expanding range of  hands-on coffee experiences.

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